Please note that unless you cancel or alter your booking in advance, you will be charged for the full amount of time reserved upon checkout at the facility.

Up to 5 minutes per hour of booked time is reserved for simulator set up and maintenance.


  • Mon - Fri (OPEN - 4:00 PM)
    $35 /hour
    • (Up to 6 people per sim)
  • Mon - Thu (4:00 PM - CLOSE)
    $45 /hour
    • (Up to 6 people per sim)
  • Fri (4:00 PM - CLOSE), Sat/Sun
    $55 /hour
    • (Up to 6 people per sim)

Stuck for golf clubs? No problem, we provide club rental for $10 per set. Alternatively, we welcome you to BYO golf clubs.


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Phone: (248) 513-4761

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